• kelly green

Kelly Green's Meltdown

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

So the concept behind the meltdown came up so randomly. I go to meet my homies at what is now known as 'The Green House' and sit down and they're like, "Yo, I know you can turn this thing upside down. Think of something to do in here, man. We know you got some fire ideas." I was hungry at the meeting, craving a grilled cheese and I thought, "Damn, let's do a grilled cheese pop-up." Thus, The Meltdown was born.

It went down September 1st and was a huge success. The spot was decorated with art and records from my home as well as art submitted by some of my friends and supporters. The vibes were nostalgic and dope as John Diaz-Cortes dj-ed next to a Sega Genesis set up! Visionary Printing was there making event tees right before people's eyes! Poochy Rivera, who is so cold in the kitchen that he has made appearances on The Food Network, held it down with an off-the-wall grilled cheese menu: "ratchet" grilled cheese - regular old one cheese and two breads like ya moms makes, "fancy" grilled cheese - gouda and strawberry jelly on a croissant, and the kicker, hot sausage on honey buns, which is literally a hot sausage patty between two Duchess honey buns. It was deliciously insane. I created a cocktail called "The Big Daddy" for everyone to wash all that cheese down, too!

I also used the event to introduce myself to the world as a producer by not only playing a beat I made specially for the event, but having $leazy EZ start a cypher to it! I had hella rapper homies there and so many people ended up stepping up to the mic that I replayed the beat probably five times. I even ended up free styling to it my damn self! Ha!

I'm so happy for such an amazing turn out for my very first event. I can't wait to expand and do more cool stuff for the people to enjoy!